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Ekam Higher Consciousness Vitara


Ekam Higher Consciousness Vitara

Ekam Higher Consciousness Vitara

Lifetime Ekam Vitara Network subscribers have the option to also receive the Ekam Higher Consciousness Vitara. Having this device with you will accelerate the development of higher Levels of Consciousness. Let us understand why this happens.

The achievement of the highest Levels of Consciousness, beginning with 600 on the scale of 20 Levels of Consciousness is also called Enlightenment or Moksha.

20 Levels of Human Consciousness

Achieving these levels is the Goal of human existence and many of us have been striving to accomplish this. To achieve the first level of Moksha, known as Cosmic Consciousness, requires a certain level of development of the physical nervous system, the pranamaya kosha, and the training to perceive the higher consciousness mind and witness the conscious thinking mind and physical life from that perspective. Beyond daily meditation, samyama on yoga sutras and the other aspects of our sadhana, what more can be done to speed up this process of development? The biological clock is ticking and we need to accomplish Moksha in this lifetime if we are to avoid yet another round of incarnations. Plus, life in Moksha is sublime and delightful. So we are always looking for ways to make faster progress. Fortunately we now have this additional and very valuable tool that can be of major assistance - the Ekam Higher Consciousness Vitara.

The benefit of having the presence of the Ekam Higher Consciousness Vitara in your home comes from its ability to balance karmic traces in the subconscious mind. This amplifies the changes in life brought about by the karmic trace balancing in the unconscious mind by the Ekam Vitara Network.

The Human Mind / conscious / subconscious / unconsciousThis image depicts the 3 levels of the human mind. Changes made in the highest level, the unconscious mind eventually make their way in to the subconscious mind and the conscious mind. If we only treat the conscious mind, for instance by saying or thinking about positive affirmations, we will notice our attitudes about life do change, but only temporarily. When we stop repeating the positive affirmations, the mind will soon return to its previous state with the various negative thoughts, attitudes and emotions. Why? Because the conscious mind looks to the subconscious mind for its "truth" about life and quickly comes back to this truth when the positive influences of the affirmations stop.

The subconscious mind is the repository of many karmic traces that distort the ultimate Truth of life. So our task is to balance these karmic traces if we want to live a life of Truth (Consciousness Levels 600 and above).

The influence of the Ekam Vitara Network will balance the karmic traces in your unconscious mind, which is the "truth" reference for your subconscious mind. So eventually the karmic traces in the subconscious mind will be balanced from the changes in the unconscious mind. But if we directly influence the subconscious mind from the physical realm, then we can speed up the process of balancing the karmic traces in the subconscious mind. This is most easily accomplished with subliminal affirmations that go directly into the subconscious mind, and by-pass the conscious mind.

Unleash the power of your higher consciousness

To communicate directly with the subconsciousness mind, we can use low volume, masked subliminal message technology that has existed for several decades. Many studies have shown that subliminal messages can produce satisfying and lasting effects, from breaking unwanted habits to improving performance. This technology is successful because it offers the capability to circumvent the "guard" of the subconscious mind, namely the analysis and processing of the logical, conscious mind.

One way to understand it is to think of your mind as an iceberg. Your conscious mind is the bit of the iceberg you can see, say 10% of the total mass, while the rest is made up of your subconscious and unconscious mind (together known as the higher consciousness mind). That gives you a good idea about just how powerful your higher consciousness mind really is. It also explains why so many self-development enthusiasts look for ways to access its power.


The higher consciousness mind picks up information you are not always aware of and stores it in your mind. If it picks up enough information with enough frequency, that information will gradually become a part of who you are, giving you the potential to change the way you think and, by extension, the way you behave and how you view life. As Dr. Joseph Murphy writes in his book The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, "change your thoughts, and you change your destiny [1]."

The Science of Subliminal Messages

There have been several surveys and studies that prove the effectiveness of subliminal messages technology.

  • Martijn Veltkamp (PhD-student), demonstrated that you can motivate people to do things that already had the intention to do them, using visual subliminal stimuli [2]
  • According to Professor Benjamin B. Wolman, author of more than 40 books on psychology, conscious thought can be influenced by stimuli outside of conscious awareness. He adds, with reference to Silverman (1967), that Freud's study of consciousness "assumes that a subliminal input raises the activation level of existing unconscious motives" [3]
  • Dr. Norman Dixon, a psychologist at University College London, has done extensive research on subliminal learning. In his scholarly work Preconscious Processing he cites 748 references to studies on the effects of subliminal communication, with over 80% showing positive results [4]
  • Dr. Eldon Taylor, director of Progressive Awareness Research and a Fellow in the American Psychotherapy Association, firmly believes that subliminal information when presented in an appropriate manner, is processed, retained, and acted upon [5]
  • The research of Dr. H Bahador Bahrami, a neuroscientist at the University College of London, using brain scanners showed that the brain absorbs subliminal messages when not too busy [6]

Several studies have focused on the possibility of using subliminal messages to produce specific results:

Academic Performance

An article in the Journal of Counseling Psychology (Journal of Counseling Psychology) [7], reports a study by Dr. Kenneth Parker, a psychologist at Queens College in New York. Dr. Kenneth Parker conducted a study to determine whether subliminal messages can improve academic performance. Careful statistical analysis of the effects of subliminal stimulation, showed significant improvement in academic performance of students.

Weight Loss

Two groups of overweight women participated in a course for weight loss, where one group received audio subliminal suggestions, while the other group weren't. The women of the group that had exposed to subliminal suggestions lost more weight, while the difference in weight continued to increase during the follow-up [8].

Stop smoking

Psychologist Dr. Lloyd H. Silverman of New York University, has studied more than 40 groups of smokers. Half of each group were exposed to subliminal audio messages, and the other half not. Within a month, 66% of people exposed to subliminal messages stopped smoking, compared with 13% of others. This led Silverman to conclude that subliminal messages make it four times more likely someone to be able quit someone smoking [9].

It is obvious the fact that subliminal messages have the potential to affect us and become part of our beliefs. They are a useful and powerful tool to change oneself. The applications can be infinite, from eliminating phobias and anxiety to increasing self-confidence, self-esteem and other mental abilities and better health.

Subliminal messages work because they balance a negative mindset produced by karma with a life-supporting positive mindset. Action taken in this life is more powerful than karma from the past, so action can be initiated to balance karma from the past. Karma acts like a wind or pressure that moves us in a certain direction, and we go where it pushes us unless we oppose it. When balanced, the karma loses its power to move us - it becomes neutral to our life. So, for example, if you have the karma for myopia and want to again see perfectly without eyeglasses, you must balance this karma for myopia if you are to make any meaningful progress. Subliminal messages are ideal for balancing this karma.

There are two types of subliminal messages:

  1. messages recorded at a very low volume and masked by some higher volume sounds (music, ocean waves, etc.) so they are able to enter the higher consciousness mind undetected by the conscious thinking mind. It is this type that we normally think of when subliminal messages are mentioned.
  2. messages recorded at a normal volume and unmasked by any other sounds but at a very high frequency that is beyond the normal hearing range, thereby being able to enter the higher consciousness mind without being stopped by the conscious thinking mind. This type is called "silent subliminal messages" and they are exponentially more powerful and faster acting than low volume subliminals

Silent Subliminal Messages

The inventor of the technique known as Silent Subliminal Messages is aerospace engineer O.M. Lowery. He filed for a patent in 1992 and the government immediately classified the invention for military use. The patent expired in 2005 and the technology has since been declassified, so the public is free to use this technology.

Silent Subliminal Patent

The use of this technology is part of the higher consciousness Vitara, so let's explain how this works.

Although inaudible to the conscious mind, the silent subliminal messages are powerfully perceived by the listener's subconscious mind.

The silent subliminal process records voice affirmations on a powerful, inaudible, ultra high audio frequency carrier in a format which is easily picked up and decoded by the human ear. The encoded voice affirmations actually vibrate the tympanic membrane (diaphragm) of the ear at a totally safe level.

Documentation from experts in acoustic laboratory testing which show that subliminal tape outputs perceived by the human ear, using the silent subliminal recording process, have a measurably superior signal strength of more than 65db (decibels) when compared to traditional "masked" subliminals, which average outputs of minus 18db.


In order to understand the importance of these figures, here are some definitions. A decibel is approximately equal to the smallest change in loudness that may be perceptible to the average listener. The number of db is calculated by taking 10 times the common logarithm of the ratio of the intensities involved. Small differences in db, then, correspond to great differences in the energies and power of intensity of the sound frequencies.

Thus a sound which registers 60db has six billion times the energy/intensity that would be needed to perceive it at the threshold of audibility (i.e. the level at which it is heard by the ear). For comparison, ordinary conversation within a three foot radius is at 65db, while a loud radio is 80db and subway noise 95db.

What this means to you, the listener, is that silent subliminal messages registers a signal strength increase of over six billion times, by actual measurement, than that achieved by traditional "masked" recording methods.

Silent subliminal messages are made silent because they are recorded at very high frequencies that are not masked by music, noise, or any other sound. The amazing thing about silent subliminals is that even though they cannot be heard, they have a great effect on the minds of people who hear them. The silent subliminals bypass the conscious thinking mind and are encoded directly in the higher consciousness mind.

Convenient And Effective

People who choose to listen to silent subliminal messages to help them change their perspective, achieve their goals or boost their self-esteem enjoy the privilege of having the option to listen to the messages whenever they want and wherever they are. They can listen while eating breakfast, watching TV, driving through traffic, taking a bath, etc. Silent subliminal messages can even be played before and during sleeping, because the higher consciousness mind is always awake and receiving sensory input.

How Are Silent Subliminal Messages Recorded?

Subliminal voice affirmations are recorded on an inaudible, powerful, super high-audio frequency carrier in a format that can be easily detected and decoded by the human ear. The silent subliminal voice affirmations vibrate the tympanic membrane of the ear at the strongest yet safest level.

Much Better Than Masked Recordings

With extensive research and study, silent subliminal messages are said to be much better than masked affirmation recordings because they infiltrate and affect both the subconscious mind better. The signal strength of subliminal voice recordings are six billion times more than the strength of masked recordings that is why the human brain can better detect and decode the subliminal messages in the brain rather than the masked recordings.

Whether you are a believer or a skeptic of the effectiveness of silent subliminal messages, you can never really come to a valid conclusion unless you yourself have tried to listen to these subliminal recordings. There have been no reported cases of subliminal messages causing harm or damage to the auditory senses or brain functioning of the individuals who hear them.

But the Ekam Higher Consciousness Vitara is much more than just silent subliminals - it is based on the patent pending Vedic Vitara Technology, the same technology of the Ekam Vitara Network. So, there is a Vedic Vitara Antenna on the device that sends the silent subliminal messages directly to the unconscious mind. This influence directly to the unconscious mind, plus the influence into the subconscious mine, along with the influence of the Ekam Vitara Network, accelerates your progress to higher and higher Levels of Consciousness.

The Components of the
Ekam Higher Consciousness Vitara

To hasten the onset of Moksha is based on a rare and important gift to humanity from the Divine, which are His own words to us, recorded in the Srimad Bhagavad Gita. In all of the Vedic Literature, the Bhagavad Gita is one of the few places where we have the actual Words of Krishna recorded for us. We can imbibe these sacred Words of the Bhagavad Gita into our subconscious and unconscious minds and balance all conflicting karmic traces to more quickly the Goal of Human Existence, Moksha.

Moksha is not merely an absence of suffering and release from bondage to samsara, but also the presence of the state of paripurna-brahmanubhava (oneness with Brahma, the One Supreme Self), a state of knowledge, peace and bliss.

Let's look more deeply into Moksha and discover its relative and Absolute levels. Moksha is both a path and a destination. Moksha is first realized when the individual has the direct experience of living in the present moment while witnessing the physical life going on by itself.

  1. Level 1 Moksha  (Level 600) is realized when the first level of the higher consciousness mind, the prana mind, has become the viewpoint of consciousness and you witness the physical mind and physical body from that perspective.This is where you begin to live in the NOW. When this has become your 24x7 reality, then you have attained what Maharishi Mahesh Yogi calls "Cosmic Consciousness."
  2. Level 2 Moksha (Level 700) is realized when the person shifts the focus of consciousness from the prana mind to the manomaya kosha mind and witnesses the prana mind and prana body from that higher perspective.This is what Maharishi calls "God Consciousness."
  3. Level 3 Moksha (Level 800) is the experience of witnessing the manomaya kosha from the vijñanamaya kosha mind. You have attained what Maharishi would call "Unity Consciousness" when this is your experience. This is relative Unity Consciousness because you have the experience of being one with all life in this relative universe.
  4. Level 4 Moksha (Level 900) is the realization that you are the Creator of this universe (aham brahmasmi), hence witnessing vijñanamaya kosha from the perspective of Anandamaya Kosha. Brahman Consciousness is another name for this level of experience.
  5. Level 5 Moksha (Level 1000) is the destination that arises with the realization that the person is an Eternal Companion of Krishna in Goloka. This is Krishna Consciousness or could also be labeled Bhakti but there is considerable confusion around that label so be careful. True Bhakti is not some show of mood making, singing, chanting and dancing in the physical life.

Eckhart Tolle and others say that living in the NOW is the experience of enlightenment or Moksha. Eckhart tells his story: one day he thought "I cannot stand to live with myself" and that triggered a sudden shift in consciousness where he questioned "who is this I" and who is this "myself"! He noticed that there must be two viewpoints of consciousness in operation simultaneously. This is astute and of course correct. The challenge is to shift from the "myself" consciousness to the "I" consciousness and live life from that higher perspective. We would say that "myself" consciousness is physical mind and body consciousness and "I" consciousness is the more subtle prana mind and body consciousness.

The Ekam Higher Consciousness Vitara includes:

  • the Moksha Levels 1-5 Silent Subliminals and
  • the Oneness Awakening Silent Subliminals with Moola Mantra and
  • Perfect Health Silent Subliminals
  • Satyug Physiology Silent Subliminal Messages
  • Detox Cleansing Healing Silent Subliminal Messages and
  • the entire Brahma Sutras for cultivating Level 4 Moksha and
  • the entire Bhagavad Gita for accelerating the process of achieving all 5 Levels of Moksha

Click here to see this entire set of Silent Subliminals.

How to Use Your Higher Consciousness Vitara

You should be within 1 meter or 3 feet of the Vitara for maximum effect. Your Vitara will be heard by anyone in range and will create an effect in their lives as well. Because all of the silent subliminal messages are always positive and life supporting, there can be no negative consequences for others - everyone in range will benefit. For best results for each individual, each family member should have a Higher Consciousness Vitara and keep their Vitara near them as much as possible.

The player has an internal battery that will last for about 10 hours and can be played during charging from a USB cable that is provided. You can take your Vitara with you in the car or to work. Of course you should play it all night as your conscious thinking mind sleeps - your higher consciousness will definitely be awake and receive benefit.

Medical Disclaimer

The information on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images and information, contained on or available through this web site is for general information purposes only. Vedic Vitaras, Inc. makes no representation and assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of information contained on or available through this web site, and such information is subject to change without notice. You are encouraged to confirm any information obtained from or through this web site with other sources, and review all information regarding any medical condition or treatment with your physician. NEVER DISREGARD PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ADVICE OR DELAY SEEKING MEDICAL TREATMENT BECAUSE OF SOMETHING YOU HAVE READ ON OR ACCESSED THROUGH THIS WEB SITE.


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Nicolas Brett, Port Alfred Ecape South Africa , December 5, 2018 at 9:39 AM
Although it is understood that a physical object with a Crystaline Frequency has the ability to raise vibrations and thought, we must guard against any subliminal interjection into the subconcious at all costs. The responsibility for these messages is entirely the Jiva's and should not be permitted to be intstalled at any cost, a system whereby the frequencies and the actual sublimanl messages are recorded by the individual who is going to use them is far more Ethical. WHO are we to say what messages should or should not be given to the sub-conscious of a being that is not ourself. Are We Brahman?
Sri Visvamitra, Cedar Crest, NM, United States , December 5, 2018 at 10:01 AM
Dear Nicolas,

Your points are very good and well thought out. You end with the question "Are We Brahman?" and that is an opening to a full discussion of exactly who are we? The Yoga Vasishta gives us the answer to this question "who are we?" and I would recommend a study of this classic Vedic text. The Yoga Vasishta is the core textbook for the Krishna Vedic Masters Course. You may want to take this online course and discover for yourself what Vasishta says - which is "We are all Brahman!" He says that, in this universe, there is only one Being that is Lord Brahma, our Creator. This means that you and I are not only Jiva, but we are also dream creatures in this magnificent dream we call our Universe. This dream is the Dream of Lord Brahma and we are that dreamer if we trace ourselves back to our source. Indeed, yes we are Brahman. The Ekam Vitara Network is designed to help each one of us, as dream creatures in this Universe, to break free of our limitations and boundaries and realize that, yes, "Aham Brahmasmi" - I am Brahman.
Jai Guru Dev,

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