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Phases of the Pralaya


The pralaya is the transition period between Kali yuga and Satya yuga. The pralaya is a natural phenonemon that occurs everytime the Day of Brahma comes to an end. We are alive now to possibly witness an unusual event, a mini-pralaya ahead of a mini-Satya yuga. It is not time for a normal pralaya. That will come in about 427,000 years at the end of Kali yuga. Now the need of the time is to reset of Kali yuga to balance the negative karma that has been created by the human race in the past several thousand years. The pressure of this collective karma will end the current Kali yuga prematurely if it is not somehow balanced now, and Lord Vishnu will not let that happen. At the picture illustrates, the creation by Lord Brahma is maintained by Lord Vishnu until the time when it is necessary to destroy the creation in preparation for a new one. That is when Lord Rudra steps in to orchestrate the pralaya.

Brahma Vishnu Shiva

We have been in a pre-pralaya stage since 1974. The agents of the pralaya, who like to call themselves "the global elite" or "illuminati" or proponents of the "new world order" have been busy for many years preparing the human population for the main events of the pralaya. Their objective is maximizing the die-off during the pralaya main events. To accomplish this objective, they have implemented various strategies to weaken and soften the human race both physically and mentally, and to prepare a number of "time bombs" to go off at the right time to maximize die-off. Plus they have been working hard to steal the wealth of the human race and divert it to their own survival plans.

We intend to be the first generation of the new age, the Krishna Golden Age, that is coming after the pralaya, so we take the steps necessary to avoid the weakening strategies of the elite and locate ourselved in areas that will be minimally impacted by the main events of the pralaya. We understand that the agents of the pralaya will be among the first to go when the main events of the pralaya begin. All of their plans for survival will undoubtedly fail. There is no place for the agents of the pralaya in the Krishna Golden Age.

To better prepare ourselves for the main events, we employ a number of strategies:

  1. Learn about what is coming so we can take appropriate evasive and protective action
  2. Join together in Invincible Goloka Sanctuary Communities
  3. Focus on our own spiritual evolution and deep connection with the Divine

In this article, we will look at the four phases of the pralaya and come to understand what to expect during each phase. As a point of reference, we will pay particular attention to the psy-op of so-called "global warming" or "global climate change" that the elite have been pushing since 2007.  This agenda of the elite is particularily important because it actually tells us what they understand is coming for the Earth and our human race. The story has many elements of truth and many elements of disinformation to keep the public busy watching the "magic show" instead of preparing. Also this agenda is a key focus for the final looting of the wealth of the human race into the hands of the few elite who are now gaining more of an iron-fisted control grip on the world's population.

Global Climate Change

So, let us investigate this "global warming - global climate change" agenda and discover the truth in this agenda that will help to guide us to safety during the pralaya. This carefully crafted psy-op played out dramatically in Paris at the end of 2015 when leaders of almost every country met to try to move the agenda forward by implementing a global tax, paid directly to the elite, to somehow, rather mysteriously, "solve" the problem of global climate change. This was indeed a full-fledged magic show for the masses. They failed to get any binding agreement to pay the tax that would bankrupt more nations and depress the economy even further. China was slated to be the world-wide police force to make sure everyone pays their tax. They were exempted from the tax and given the concession of putting a global spy grid in place via satellite to watch the people. That failed to pass so they finally ended up with a toothless plan of voluntary cooperation that any nation can opt out of at any time. This was touted as a great success for "saving the planet." 

Exiting the magic show of the global elite, we come back the realization that one of the main issues during the pralaya will be the tsunamis caused by the impact of asteroids in the oceans. This is part of the collective karma balancing delivered by Ketuloka. Ketuloka has a physical expression as a large collection of asteroids that orbit above the plane of the Earth, following Rahuloka. Please see the book Returning to Goloka for complete information.

An Inconvenient TruthThe massive tidal waves will coincide with other events caused by the collective karma balancing Extinction Level Event. In the United States, we expect earthquakes in the New Madrid zone near the Mississippi River valley. The U. S. Navy predicts these will be 9+ scale earthquakes that will devastate the region. These earthquakes, along with the tidal waves will knock out the power grid in the eastern part of the country. When large numbers of people in major metropolitan areas are without food, water and power, there will be major loss of life.

The NASA Goddard Spaceflight Institute and Al Gore in his "An Inconvenient Truth" documentary says the phase 1 of the pralaya will begin in 2016 with abrupt climate change and rising ocean levels. NASA is a hoax agency of the global elite and Al Gore is an elite puppet who stands to gain from carbon taxes through his ownership in the carbon exchanges that have been setup around the world. His documentary is substantially fiction. The main storyline is the global warming theme where global warming is caused by global green house gas emissions. This is the magician's slight of hand to keep the public looking in the wrong direction and stop necessary preparations to maximize the die-off rate.

The CIA is now moving from Langley in West Virginia to the underground city in Denver, under the airport. This is the signal for the start of phase 1. Over the next few years, every bureaucracy and alphabet agency in Washington DC, including the President and Congress, will be moving to the underground city in Denver. 

Phases of the Pralaya

Now we get to the phases of the pralaya:

  1. Normal commerce is possible, there is career stablity and family interaction - life appears to be normal but there are many stories of the presence of Nibiru and Nemesis in our solar system (a complete hoax), increased volcanic activity, increased earthquakes, and more Internet buzz. In society we will witness the loss of freedoms and increasing world-wide tyranny.
  2. Abrupt changes in weather, bizarre weather, earthquakes and tidal waves, so numerous that they are commonplace daily news and cannot be ignored. Government will claim the bizarre weather events are due to green house gas related and we need to curb the emissions to "solve" this problem. We will be told everything will be fine.
  3. The events of the pralaya intensify. There will be a short period of time when people realize that something is seriously wrong and they start taking action to prepare for more of the worst. They start closing businesses and moving into secure locations. Governments will relocate to secure locations and going into underground cities.
  4. Asteroid impact events and tidal waves will arise over a period of about 30 days. Marshall law, economic collapse leading to social chaos. The end of the world as we know it.

We are currently in Phase 1 of the pralaya. The global elite are now tightening their hold on the population and experimenting with how far they can go. For example, in Colorado the Republican National Committee (RNC) openly announced they cancelled the Republican primary and gave all delegates to Cruz, in the face of Trump's overwhelming popular support. Ryan Call of the RNC is quoted saying “your vote doesn’t matter and your voice doesn’t count.” The people just accepted this and put their collective heads back in the sand. 

Now the global elite have welcomed the presidency of Donald Trump who they see as the "Pied Piper" from the children's story - he lulls the children into a false sense of security, happiness and progress while he leads them to the edge of a precipice and off the cliff to their death.

So far the pralaya has been delayed by the collective consciousness work of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and his Group Dynamics of Consciousness. By having large groups living and meditating together, the influence has balanced some collective consciousness and is delaying the pralaya. But more negativity is also arising simultaneously putting pressure on the universe to balance this negative karma. This is the time to prepare for what is coming. Our window of opportunity is unknown, perhaps 4 or 5 years, then Phase 2 will start. By then it will be very difficult to create new communities and we will be busy finishing the ones started in Phase 1. By Phase 3 there is no chance of building communities in time before Phase 4.

It takes a minimum of 1 year to build a community to the level where we could begin to live there. Then another year will be spent completing all the fine details to make the community very comfortable. So our plan is to start now to build community number one in the mountains of New Mexico, USA. If you have not already done so, be sure to submit your application to join a community today. This is the first step and there is no cost or obligation for you to do so.  https://www.returningtogoloka.com/Book/Welcome/GolokaCommunity/ApplicationtoJoin

When you complete this form you will be personally contacted as the communities become available. Some may come now to help with the creation of the communities. If you help with creation of a community, you can earn your new home in the community. Skills such as architecture, building and construction trades, engineering, security, gardening and farming, finance, administration, and many more are needed now.

August 8, 2018 IMPORTANT UPDATE: There are signs that we are nearing the start of Phase 2 of the pralaya. It is now possible to eliminate the dark cloud of the pralaya that is hanging over the Earth! Please see https://www.ekamvitara.org for more information.


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Carl Smuda, Gardnerville Nevada , March 7, 2019 at 12:22 PM
I am studying this. nothing is more important to me than keeping my twice daily TM program and taking care of my family. Maharishi said it hits between 2020 and 2025?
Jai Guru Dev
Carl Smuda
Sri Visvamitra, Cedar Crest, NM, United States , March 7, 2019 at 6:12 PM
Dear Carl,

There is a very real chance that we can not only avoid this Pralaya, but we can actually transition into the Krishna Golden Age with no death or destruction at all. We have recently created the Ekam Vitara Network. Please read about it here: https://www.ekamvitara.org

We need you and many others to join the Network immediately and we will succeed. Also, if you join the Network you will be doing maximum to elevate your own Level of Consciousness to higher and higher Levels. This will give you a tremendous personal boost of happiness. peace, prosperity, and better health. Joining a community is not necessary.

Jai Guru Dev


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