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Experiences With The Ekam Vitara Network


I came on the Network a few hours ago and my initial impression is a strong sense of peace and calm - not flashy, just a steady "mother is at home" feeling

E.N. United States of America

I have been on the Network for about 3 months now and I've been having a lot of positive growth experiences and feel like I'm very much supported by the laws of nature lately. Exciting!

A.M. United States of America

I just came onto the Network and I feel good! I just feel this huge flow of love going through me.

B.K. Italy

I have been on the Ekam Vitara Network for a couple of weeks now. As soon as I went on the Network, I felt a shift and felt a nice realignment to my higher self immediately. That was lovely! My 21 year-old daughter, who went on the Network at the same time, came home and said that she felt a shift in herself and really liked how it felt too.

R.S. United States of America

Since joining the network just a couple of weeks ago, I've noticed more synchronicities happening (running into the right people and finding a new amazing job) and had my first week of no negative triggers (which is a big deal). I've also been gravitating towards a whole foods diet naturally and have started overcoming some big hurdles that have held me back my whole life. Wow! I'm excited to see what else changes!

A.B. United States of America

For so many years I have understood that God is in everything and everyone, but that was just an intellectual understanding. It was not my experience. I joined the Ekam Vitara Network four days ago and yesterday I had the EXPERIENCE that God is really there, in every person, in every thing in the Universe! It is like the difference between reading a description of how a strawberry tastes and actually eating a fresh, juicy strawberry. There is literally no comparison. Thank you Ekam Vitara Network!

K.T. Europe

I just noticed that there are Celestial Beings walking around all around here! They must be attracted to the higher consciousness frequencies. (from a resident here at Ekam Vitara Network Central)

M.R.N. United States of America

My first night on the Ekam Vitara Network and I feel great! There is more witnessing and a deeper silence and I feel very rested.

E.F. United States of America

I feel engulfed in Love, very centered and calm.

M.N. United States of America

I have noticed that meditations after joining the Ekam Vitara Network are very pleasant! Every meditation is unusually deep and focused, and satisfying and I am witnessing the whole process of meditation as timeless Being.

T.N. United States of America

On the Ekam Vitara for just a few hours but I wanted to report my initial experience of greater connectedness with the inner silence and Krishna's Flute is stronger - very delightful!

K.T. Slovakia

Sleep is very pleasant and entertaining on the Exam Vitara Network. More vivid lucid dreams now and between dreams the body rests easily and the mind is awake and clear. At first I thought "I am not able to go to sleep!" but then I realized my body was asleep, just that my mind was clear and awake.

V.K. United States of America

I just started my Lifetime Membership yesterday and went on the network last night. Today in a meeting I was making a presentation and I stopped and said "does anyone notice anything different about me today?" and they all did! I was feeling it too. I was more engaged, more dynamic and open than before. I attribute this to the energy coming into my life from the Ekam Vitara Network!

T.N. United States of America

The night I went on the network, I witnessed my sleep all night! This continued the next night, and the next and the next!

S.A. United States of America

I have been following the protocol of the Satyug Kaya Kalpa Programme for a few years. The latest enhancement, the Ekam Vitara Network, is very significant in terms of my experience. I had been on the Ekam Vitara Network for about 2 months when I noticed and a shift in my interest in food and decided to take the new Pranic Energy Lifestyle Course. The transition has been amazing! I no longer have the same dependence on food that I once had. My body is transitioning to live on prana for about 90% of its needs. Since the end of the course, my body has been satisfied by drinking about 8 ounces of Kefir and Almond Milk with a banana blended in, 2 or 3 times a week. This has been adequate for me so far. I do occasionally eat a bite or two of food if I am with someone who is eating a meal, just to be sociable. I have lost most of my body fat and feel very good and strong. It is interesting to be free of the habit of eating food and free of the feeling that I need physical food. I still enjoy the taste of food but I do not desire food. I feel very content with this new lifestyle.

S.V. United States of America

I joined the Ekam Vitara Network a few days ago and I have really noticed the change in my life. I feel at great peace and all of my desires are being instantly fulfilled, even before I have the thought of the desire. There is such synchronicity in my life all of a sudden and I attribute this to the influence of being pulled to a higher Level of Consciousness by the Network Frequency that I am receiving. This is such a great blessing in my life!

K.D. Europe

Thank you for changing my level of Consciousness in the Ekam Vitara Network system.

I would like to express my great gratitude Kundaladevi for Supreme Light of Supreme Love Meditation. The level of consciousness rose very much with two sessions - close to 600.

Six hours after your email came, I read that message. It was an entry into my new level on the Ekam Vitara Network system. I found myself in a happy state. In a state that has never been common before.

On the same day, TM meditation was much better than before. During this week as making of the sutras, I sometimes do not really know what sutra should be going on or actually I'm not aware of anything.

This magnificent state continued for at least 24 hours - and still hasn't disappeared, even after almost a week has passed.

I have noticed that the need for sleep is increased. I usually go to bed at 21:00 and get up at 4:30. Now I am trying to go to bed an hour earlier because of weariness.

The cervical spine has been around for 20 years as it would not have been. This harmful mode has been highlighted this week. Somehow it feels like the body has left behind consciousness.

Jai Guru Dev

M.N. Europe
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