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This information will be used to calculate your Current Base Level of Consciousness number.

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Answer the each question thoughtfully by checking the box that indicates the percentage of time you have had this experience in the last 90 days.

For example if you always have an experience, every day and all the time, the correct response is 10 (indicating 100%). So, if you experience something all the time in the past 90 days, you would check 10 (100%). If you have experienced something half the time, check 5 (indicating 50%). If you have occasionally experienced something in the past 90 days, check 1 to indicate 10%. Perhaps you had an experience one time in your life or several times but not in the last 90 days, this would be 1 to indicate 10% or less. If you have never had the experience, check 0.

Please take the time to reflect on each question and your life experience in the past 90 days. This will ensure that the Level of Consciousness number will be as accurate as possible.

You will be presented with 4 to 6 questions, each subsequent question will be determined on how you respond.

If you are taking this survey on a small mobile device, please be careful not to "fat-finger" your selection and inadvertently select the wrong number. The moment your device detects you have made your selection, the next question will appear. If you think you did make a bad selection, just refresh the page to start over.


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You feel courage and affirmation is the key emotion here. You create change by constructive uses of power rather than destructive force. You see the world as exciting and filled with possibilities. You feel empowerment. There is an active pursuit of growth. When you see a gap in your knowledge and abilities, you will act to fill it. For example, learning new job skills, embarking on further education, pursuing personal growth, learning meditation. The life view is feasible – anything is manageable since you are willing to act to deal with uncomfortable situations in life. You recognize that your happiness lies in your hands.
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