In the early 1990's, we began to see "persistent contrails" in the skies of New Mexico and, in subsequent years, came to know that this phenomenon was being noticed by people from all over the Earth. This feature has been labeled "Chemtrails' and has moved from being a conspiracy theory to an established fact: the governments of the Earth are undertaking a concerted effort to further an unclear agenda that requires our skies to be saturated with chemicals, metals, and nanobots. Here is an interesting documentary that explains Chemtrails, assuming a Geoengineering Agenda:

Chemtrails (Geoengineering Documentary)

We now know that Chemtrails are far more than Geoengineering. They are the delivery system for trillions of Artificial Intelligence, Self-replicating, Nanobots that will be used to absolutely control the human population (and all life for that matter) when 5G is implemented. 

The top six functions of Chemtrails are listed below with a brief summary. This article is concerned with the last.

  • Blocking the Sun: This is the standard reason given to fools in the government. We need to secretly stop global warming, so keep it a secret that we’re spraying. Global warming is the catch all con for everyone in the government. If you are smarter than this they will give you a better reason.
  • Blocking the Sun (Again): A reduction in sun light across the Earth works well to decrease or manipulate crop yields slightly. This is part of the requirement to engineer a food crisis and bring in a famine. You can dismiss this.
  • Superheating the Atmosphere: In order to create earthquakes and steer hurricanes (for example hurricane Katrina in New Orleans) the atmosphere needs to be more conductive for electricity so installations such as HAARP (HAARP is just what they want you to see, HAARP has nothing to do with anything) can work their magic. So the chemtrails spray barium and aluminum among other things to create a more conductive upper atmosphere. In The Phoenix Rises (2012) they tell you exactly this @ ~16:00 in the movie as they specifically talk about Chemtrails. For your information barium has nothing to do with the BioAPI, nanobots, nano-fibers or nano-tech at all.
  • Health Erosion: As a side effect everyone’s health and immune systems become slightly compromised. This is usually not an issue for most healthy people. Older people on average will now die sooner and any health complication is slightly more likely to be fatal. This is both a side effect of spraying and intentional.
  • Climate Modification: To help or hurt crops, keep skies clear for a major event (like the Olympics), cause a typhoon, steer super storms, etc.
  • Nano-fiber Propagation: To universally install a BioAPI that requires 5G to operate in everyone they need to spray nanobot containing nano-fibers. These fibers cannot be put into the food supply directly or given in some other way, the uptake across the population would take forever and not propagate very effectively. It is much easier just to spray everyone like insects; and because it is happening to everyone the universal herd mentality of the masses then justifies it.

Read more about the 5G Network that will turn the nanobots into a transhumanist control grid here: https://www.EkamVitara.org/brahman-consciousness/The-Truth-About-Chemtrails-5G-and-Transhumanism/

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