Supreme Light of Supreme Love Meditation


Every Sunday at 10am MST we have the Supreme Light of Supreme Love Meditation for all. Please join us at https://www.mahavideha.org/vmc.

Here are some recent recent experiences:

Kundalatdevi’s meditation opened floodgates of tears illuminating walls in my mind and heart, eventually breaking through after two days into a sunny Sunday afternoon. Was I dreaming all this sorrow? So much gratitude to her, so much love. Thank you both. There are no words. NM, USA

I am very grateful for Supreme Light Meditation! I now feel that I am experiencing unconditional love for all beings as a direct result of participating in just three of these wonderful meditations. In fact, my Level of Consciousness has risen from 480 to 640 in just these 3 weeks. This is amazing to me! TV, Europe

I would like to express my great gratitude Kundaladevi for Supreme Light of Supreme Love Meditation. The level of consciousness rose very much with two sessions - close to 600! MN, Europe

Also, Kundalatdevi answers a question that has come up: "Is Supreme Light of Supreme Love Meditation a technique that you have to learn or you can just join the meditation?"

"I am only a channel for connecting you with your own Beautiful State in Consciousness. You will be guided to perform this meditation and there is no technique that you must learn. Just connect with this meditation and make the body free. It is necessary only that you establish a connection with your own Self. Only be silent and with full concentration of breathing - breathing is important part of this meditation. You will connect with Pure Intelligence and this Pure Intelligence will give you all that you need."

This special meditation is with Kundalatdevi who is Meditator, Initiator and Teacher of the Supreme Light of Supreme Love guided by Sri Amma Bhagavan. Supreme Light of Supreme Love Meditation is an intrument for transformation consciousness for the new age.

Sri AmmaBhagavanSri Amma Bhagavan live in India and are Avatars of Awakening into the Golden Age.
They guide the Golden Age Movement throughout the world.

Supreme Light of Supreme Love Meditation is designed to facilitate the balancing of targeted Karmic Traces and in this case, we are targeting relationship Karmic Traces. Actually, all Karmic Traces are based on relationship so this practice is fundamental. Transcendental Mediation or Atmavedi Meditation balances Karmic Traces as well, but in a more general sense. The Supreme Light of Supreme Love Meditation we will experience will be more targeted and supplement our practice of meditation - like an Advanced Technique.

If we look at the picture below, we have an excellent representation of the structure of the Absolute Realm and the trillions of relative universes.

Notice the area labeled "Paramajyoti". This is Krishna's Effulgence, which exists in the gap between the Absolute Realm and the Karana Ocean where trillions of relative universes, including our universe, exist.

This realm of Krishna's Effulgence is what we call the Supreme Light of Supreme Love. So our meditation will connect us to this Absolute Realm, beyond all universes.

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